Instruction for Enzyme Control Flux (ECF)

ECF is an algorithm for the estimation of a flux distribution of genetic mutants by integrating enzyme activity into Elementary Modes (EMs).


Hiroyuki Kurata, Quanyu Zhao, Ryuichi Okuda, Kazuyuki Shimizu: Integration of enzyme activities into metabolic flux distributions by elementary mode analysis, BMC Syst Biol, 1:31, 2007.

Download of ECF program

Brief instruction
Program: ecfexample.mat (Matlab file)
In Matlab
>> ecfexample

This program is an example for pyk mutant of E. coli.

Input data:
EM matrix, enzyme activity ratio, Elementary Mode Coefficients (EMCs).
Output data:
fluxcalu, fluxmean.

EmMatrix is the elementary mode matrix; reactions*EMs;
ramdaMatrix is the elementary mode coefficients vector; EMs*(2*EMs);
ns is the No. of substrate uptake reaction in stoichiometric matrix;
sflux is the flux of substrate uptake;
enzyme is the relative enzyme activity ratio of mutant versus wild type;

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